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OnlineMedEd’s Core Values

Our mission is to elevate health care education and create better practitioners by helping students and faculty excel in the classroom and beyond

We offer these ten promises to promote excellence in training and eliminate the biases in medicine contributing to the health outcome disparities seen today.

Our Ten Promises

Promise One

Bias and stereotypes have no place here

We have removed all traces of bias and stereotypes from our language and curriculum and ask our community to help us review and call out anything we have missed. Equity is core to our curriculum. Our online medical education platform is for everyone.

Promise One

Promise Two

We enable diversity, equity, and inclusion conversations

We are dedicated to diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) in medicine. Our DEI curriculum is for both students and faculty.



Promise Three

We use diverse patient examples across the curriculum

Our diversity is our strength. We promise to include examples of patients from a variety of backgrounds, races, genders, and body types.



Promise Four

We update products to be more mindful of inclusivity

We don’t hide issues, we meet them head-on. Examples include the Intern Guide, with information on what to do when encountering racism, and Case X, including treating nonbinary patients, identifying sexual assault and trafficking, and navigating those conversations.



Promise Five

We make OnlineMedEd accessible to everyone

Accessibility features like expert closed captions are standard for all online medical education course materials we provide, and meet WCAG 2.0 standards.

Promise Five


Promise Six

We directly explore and discuss racism in medicine

We created a focused investigative series for both patients and practitioners that explores the history and realities of racism in medicine and discusses ways to address them head-on.

Promise Six


Promise Seven

We introduce lessons that address the needs of all patients

Health care is for everyone regardless of age, sex, gender identity, race, cultural identity, or native language. This includes, but is not limited to, gender dysphoria (Psychology/Psychiatry) and transgender health (ObGyn and Surgery).



Promise Eight

We make the OnlineMedEd Scholarship for Future Black Physicians an annual effort

Systemic racism has prevented Black students from becoming practitioners for far too long. A more diverse pool of doctors means better outcomes for patients.

Read about the 2022 recipient of the OnlineMedEd Scholarship for Future Black Physicians.



Promise Nine

We work with community partners to address the issues

We partner with organizations to help raise diversity, equity, and inclusion across the community and address issues like sex trafficking, child abuse, and gun violence.



Promise Ten

We provide faculty development to help them navigate the curriculum

We lead by example. We help faculty development understand how to leverage OnlineMedEd’s curriculum as talking points for in-person conversations.




Tomorrow’s providers can come from anywhere

Every practitioner started out with a dream. We won't let the biases and prejudices of the past crush those dreams. By addressing diversity in medicine today, our goal is to let your dreams guide you to become great medical practitioners and leaders in your communities.

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