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OnlineMedEd Announces New Chief Executive Officer

Online healthcare curriculum company will expand to new healthcare markets and plans to accelerate growth with new funding round.

Doug Hughes, CEO of OnlineMedEd

AUSTIN, TX.— Dec. 15, 2022 – OnlineMedEd, a leading digital healthcare curriculum company, announced today that it has hired a new Chief Executive Officer while simultaneously raising a new round of funding. OnlineMedEd’s new CEO, Doug Hughes, has also joined OnlineMedEd’s Board of Directors. Doug is a seasoned ed-tech veteran with over 25 years of experience and an entrepreneurial spirit. He capped a seventeen-year tenure at McGraw-Hill Education as Chief Sales Officer, where he earned a reputation for building and commercializing innovative technologies across the higher education landscape. He then served as Chief Product Officer at Knewton, an AI-driven learning company that was subsequently sold to Wiley.  Most recently, Doug served as Chief Executive Officer of Encoura, where he focused on equity and access to postsecondary education opportunities for all, emphasizing underserved populations. 

"As someone who has committed my entire professional life to improving our world through the power of education, I find OnlineMedEd's focus on improving healthcare education incredibly compelling," said Doug Hughes, CEO of OnlineMedEd. "We have the potential to simultaneously help institutions modernize their approach to instruction, while also helping students succeed in medical school and beyond through our relentless focus on learner-centered design. I'm thrilled to lead this extraordinary team to build on our momentum and success."

Recently, OnlineMedEd also closed a new funding round led by Lumos Capital Group. The proceeds of this round will allow OnlineMedEd to build upon its impressive track record of improving outcomes in medical education for both medical schools and the students they serve, as well as catalyze the growth of new products for PA programs and Continuing and Graduate Medical Education.

"The Board and I are confident that Doug is the right person at the right time for OnlineMedEd," said James Tieng, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Lumos Capital Group. "He is an experienced educational technology leader with a great track record of growth leadership while maintaining a commitment to the mission and vision."

About OnlineMedEd
Used by over 300,000 learners in over 190 countries, OnlineMedEd’s learning framework is built on a vision to elevate medical education and in turn produce better providers. Our framework delivers a comprehensive, longitudinal, medical curriculum via a single unified voice. This differentiated approach enhances the delivery of medical information in a way that optimizes for mastery over memorization, leading to improved outcomes. 
Our curriculum is developed by a team of peer-educators using a learner-centric design approach, leveraging different learning modalities for their optimal effect. It empowers faculty to focus on high impact, active learning while also freeing students up to spend their time using what they have learned in practice.  For more information, please visit www.onlinemeded.org.

About Lumos Capital Group
Lumos Capital Group is a growth equity firm investing in the future of learning and work. Lumos partners with leading entrepreneurs in the education and human capital development sectors, helping companies with impactful products and services achieve global scale. For more information, please visit www.lumoscapitalgroup.com.

Media contact: 
Sahar Javadi 


Source: https://www.newswire.com/news/onlinemeded-announces-new-chief-executive-officer-21900675