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OnlineMedEd Raises $20M Led by Lumos Capital Group to Address the Global Healthcare Delivery Shortage

Austin-based healthcare training company will expand existing programs to health care professionals around the world

AUSTIN, Texas, April 07, 2022 – OnlineMedEd, a digital healthcare learning platform, today announced a $20M financing round to continue its purpose to raise the quality of education for healthcare delivery providers globally.

Bootstrapped since its inception for six years, this is the first institutional raise for the company. The $20M growth round was led by Lumos Capital Group.

Today, OnlineMedEd is the learning ecosystem of choice for a broad spectrum of healthcare students, with over 86% of the medical students in the United States using the platform. Aspiring physicians and healthcare professionals use OnlineMedEd to gain the knowledge needed not just to excel on licensure exams, but also on the wards in everyday practice. The company has monthly active users in every country in the world.

“Our users recognize our quality and share our purpose: to create great healthcare professionals that in turn provide better care for patients. We’re excited to further develop their skills and our reach,” said Jamie Fitch, CEO and co-founder of OnlineMedEd.

The funds will be used to support the expansion of the platform globally, specifically focusing on healthcare needs that vary based on geography.

“While we’re utilized internationally, the partnership with Lumos allows us to create and tailor region-specific material to local healthcare systems and standards, specializing it to their needs.” added Fitch.

The funding comes at a time when OnlineMedEd is leveraging its full-service platform to support health care professionals beyond medical school in the fight against COVID-19. In 2020 the launched Crash Course, a suite of free online video tutorials that has helped over 30,000 redeployed healthcare professionals get up-to-speed on the clinical knowledge they need to provide critical care in today’s environment.

OnlineMedEd has seen an acceleration of adoption since the pandemic, growing its international monthly active users by over 50% over the past year. These users have accelerated the company’s pursuit of providing high quality, accessible healthcare training regardless of location.

“The OnlineMedEd team has built a proven platform that is truly changing not just education, but outcomes for millions of patients downstream, ”said James Tieng, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Lumos Capital Group, a growth equity firm investing in the future of learning and work. “We are excited to support the company’s vision of bringing quality medical education online, wherever you are in the world.”

About OnlineMedEd
Used by over 300,000 learners in over 190 countries, OnlineMedEd’s learning framework is built on a vision to elevate medical education and in turn produce better providers. Our framework delivers a comprehensive, longitudinal, medical curriculum via a single unified voice. This differentiated approach enhances the delivery of medical information in a way that optimizes for mastery over memorization, leading to improved outcomes. 
Our curriculum is developed by a team of peer-educators using a learner-centric design approach, leveraging different learning modalities for their optimal effect. It empowers faculty to focus on high impact, active learning while also freeing students up to spend their time using what they have learned in practice.  For more information, please visit www.onlinemeded.org.

About Lumos Capital Group
Lumos Capital Group is a growth equity firm investing in the future of learning and work. Lumos partners with leading entrepreneurs in the education and human capital development sectors, helping companies with impactful products and services achieve global scale. For more information, please visit www.lumoscapitalgroup.com.

Media contact: 
Sahar Javadi