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OnlineMedEd Raises $5M From Physician Networks Across the Nation

Austin-based healthcare training company will expand existing programs to health care professionals around the world

AUSTIN, Texas, July 06, 2022 – OnlineMedEd, a leading digital healthcare learning platform, today announced a $5M financing round, raised from more than 20 physicians, founders, and partners of some of the largest physician-owned firms in the United States. The funds will be used to support the expansion of their platform beyond medical school to provide high-quality educational content for the over 60 million healthcare professionals across the globe – in specialties ranging from nursing to physician assistants to MD’s and DO’s.

Today, OnlineMedEd is the clinical learning platform of choice for a broad spectrum of healthcare learners. Over 86% of medical students in the United States are currently using OnlineMedEd to gain the knowledge needed not just to excel in Board exams, but also in clinical practice. In addition to being used by individual med students, OnlineMedEd's suite of products are institutionally used by over 50 universities nationally, and many more around the world.

“Our purpose is to change how medical education is delivered to bring up the quality and performance of the entire healthcare industry,” said Jamie Fitch, CEO of OnlineMedEd. “This investment round, raised from highly qualified physicians, further validates the broad demand for OnlineMedEd in the healthcare profession. We’re excited to leverage our investors’ clinical expertise, professional networks, and business resources as we grow into new markets beyond medical school.”

The funding comes at a time when OnlineMedEd is leveraging its education, technology and clinical expertise to support health care professionals beyond medical school in the fight against COVID-19. The company recently launched a Crash Course in Medicine, a suite of 48 free online video lessons aimed at helping redeployed medical professionals get up-to-speed on the medical knowledge they need to confidently provide care in today’s environment.

OnlineMedEd has seen an acceleration of adoption since this launch. Prior to the pandemic, they had over 200,000 monthly active users; today, they have over 350,000 monthly active users. In April 2020, the company recorded 27 million minutes of watched video, a more than 100% increase over their healthy baseline of 13 million minutes/month.

“The innovation and reach of OnlineMedEd's comprehensive medical curriculum is exceeded only by the goodwill of their educational mission,” says Glenn C. Robinson, M.D., past President of Austin Gastroenterology, P.A. and one of the investors in OnlineMedEd. “The ease and accessibility of its integrative learning tools will be embraced by students and educators alike as a welcomed and timely addition to the traditional learning experience. As an investor, I envision OnlineMedEd's complete solution as merely the DNA base pairs to replicate for the future of all professional education.”

In addition to Crash Course, OnlineMedEd provides key learning modules including:

  • CaseX – an online experience that provides students with the critical practice of applying clinical reasoning with real patients, real questions, and real experience. It features immersive, interactive videos of real-life patients and supplemented with test results, images, and other case details.
  • Intern Bootcamp – a program that provides incoming residents with decades’ worth of wisdom, skills, tips, and tricks to ensure they are fully prepared for the beginning of their career.

About OnlineMedEd
Used by over 300,000 learners in over 190 countries, OnlineMedEd’s learning framework is built on a vision to elevate medical education and in turn produce better providers. Our framework delivers a comprehensive, longitudinal, medical curriculum via a single unified voice. This differentiated approach enhances the delivery of medical information in a way that optimizes for mastery over memorization, leading to improved outcomes. 
Our curriculum is developed by a team of peer-educators using a learner-centric design approach, leveraging different learning modalities for their optimal effect. It empowers faculty to focus on high impact, active learning while also freeing students up to spend their time using what they have learned in practice.  For more information, please visit www.onlinemeded.org.

Media contact: 
Sahar Javadi