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Making the Most of a Large Academic Conference

Join us as a panel of the OnlineMedEd Institutional Success team members discusses how you can make the most of a large academic conference!

Our Panelists


Danelle Guillory,

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Maggie Hadinger,

Director of Academic and Student Affairs


Steve DeMeo,

Director of Medical Education


Neal Weber,

Director of Instructional Design and Assessment


Rebecca Blanchard,
PhD, MEd

Director of Faculty Development

Learning Objectives

  • How to prepare a plan before traveling to the conference
  • What to include in a personal elevator pitch and how to deliver it
  • Ways to capitalize on in-person meetings and presentations
  • The value of post conference follow up and reflection
Business people chatting and drinking coffee at a conference in the office

Conference are back in person! Learn how to make the most of a large academic conference event!

Large academic conferences like the AAMC can be a bit overwhelming with the variety of (often overlapping) presentations, networking events, and conversations. And, given the expense of attending, lodging and transportation, you want to maximize every minute of an action-packed few days.

In this webinar, a panel made up of members of the OnlineMedEd Institutional Success team share their tips, tricks, and best practices that they have learned over the years as attendees, speakers, and planners.

Conferences offer a rich source of contacts to build your network at the same time provide invaluable educational opportunities. Join us and learn how to make a large academic conference work for you!

Institutional Success Team

Leading this session are five members of the OnlineMedEd Institutional Success team. At OnlineMedEd, Dr. DeMeo leads a  team that contributes subject matter expertise around curriculum design, faculty and student assessment, and help solve institutional challenges around administration and accreditation. Made up of peer educators, this team works directly with administration and faculty at our institutional partners with a focus on instructional design and implementation of best practices for hybrid learning.

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About OnlineMedEd

OnlineMedEd elevates healthcare education to create better providers, not just better test takers. Our PACE educational paradigm, enables institutions to complement in-person education and impart medical knowledge across multiple modalities, all via a single unified voice. Instructors can deliver a powerful hybrid education that eliminates the friction and waste in the current model by aligning the needs of the institutions and the students.