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OnlineMedEd Announces New Chief Commercial Officer

Online healthcare curriculum company welcomes Adam Rooke in lead commercial role


AUSTIN, TX.— January 30, 2023 – OnlineMedEd, a leading digital healthcare curriculum company, announced today that it has hired a new Chief Commercial Officer, Adam Rooke. Adam is a seasoned ed-tech veteran with over 20 years of experience. Recently, as Vice President, Sales and Success for North America at Wiley, Adam optimized the commercial teams for growth and led through a multitude of market challenges and changes over the last three years. Prior to that, he served as the General Manager at Knewton, an AI-driven learning company that was subsequently sold to Wiley. Additionally, he has had key leadership roles at Packback and McGraw-Hill where he focused on bringing the customer lens into focus within the sales and marketing teams.  

"I am so grateful and proud to lead and serve the incredibly talented and driven sales and marketing teams at OnlineMedEd. I am thrilled to run alongside an inspiring leadership and board team I revere," said Adam Rooke, Chief Commercial Officer of OnlineMedEd. "Our mission to elevate health care education and create better practitioners by helping students and faculty excel in the classroom and beyond truly resonated with me. We have so much potential to impact the way medical education is approached with our learner-centered design and high-quality, comprehensive content."  

"Adam is a game changer for OnlineMedEd. His deep experience in higher education, coupled with his leadership and intense focus on unrivaled customer experiences, is just what the doctor ordered," said Doug Hughes, Chief Executive Officer at OnlineMedEd. "He is an experienced ed-tech leader with a profound track record of commercial leadership, and he is already making an impact at OnlineMedEd." 

About OnlineMedEd
Used by over 300,000 learners in over 190 countries, OnlineMedEd’s learning framework is built on a vision to elevate medical education and in turn produce better providers. Our framework delivers a comprehensive, longitudinal, medical curriculum via a single unified voice. This differentiated approach enhances the delivery of medical information in a way that optimizes for mastery over memorization, leading to improved outcomes.  
Our curriculum is developed by a team of peer-educators using a learner-centric design approach, leveraging different learning modalities for their optimal effect. It empowers faculty to focus on high impact, active learning while also freeing students up to spend their time using what they have learned in practice.  For more information, please visit www.onlinemeded.com.

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