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Best Practices for Blended Learning in Health Professions Education:
A Panel Discussion with Experts

Members of our Institutional Success Team review best practices in blended learning and answer common questions they receive on the topic. They also share features of OnlineMedEd that have made blended learning more accessible for students and faculty.

Our Panelists


Anne Gravel Sullivan, PhD

Director of Continuing Education


Neal Weber, MSEd

Director of Instructional Design


Yating Teng, PhD

Director of  Institutional Research


Courtney Cross, PhD

Assistant Director of Medical Education


Michele Toussaint, EdD, MS, PA-C, AACC

PA Director

At the end of this session, you will: 

  • Define blended learning
  • Discuss best practices around blended learning in health professions education
  • Discuss OnlineMedEd’s approaches to navigating a successful blended learning approach
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Blended Learning

With its flexibility and adaptability leading to wide adoption, blended learning has grown in popularity across health professions education. It solves many problems, including inviting consistency between geographically dispersed learners and supporting students’ self-regulated learning. However, blended learning is not without its challenges, and navigating an effective adoption and implementation of this approach in your curriculum could be difficult.

Institutional Success Team

Leading this session are five members of the OnlineMedEd Institutional Success team. At OnlineMedEd, Dr. Stephen DeMeo leads a team that contributes subject matter expertise around curriculum design, faculty and student assessment, and help solve institutional challenges around administration and accreditation. Made up of peer educators, this team works directly with administration and faculty at our institutional partners with a focus on instructional design and implementation of best practices for hybrid learning.

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About OnlineMedEd

OnlineMedEd elevates healthcare education to create better providers, not just better test takers. Our PACE educational paradigm, enables institutions to complement in-person education and impart medical knowledge across multiple modalities, all via a single unified voice. Instructors can deliver a powerful hybrid education that eliminates the friction and waste in the current model by aligning the needs of the institutions and the students.