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Evaluating Educational Content with a Health Equity Lens

OnlineMedEd's own Dr. Danelle Guillory and Dr. Rebecca Blanchard discuss ways to increase awareness of a systematic approach to auditing content for DEI, and present a high-level overview of the rubric to demonstrate how a content review can be done systematically.

Our Panelists


Danelle Guillory, MD, PhD

Director of DEI, OnlineMedEd

Rebecca Blanchard, PhD, MEd

Director of Faculty Development, OnlineMedEd

At the end of this session, you will: 

  • Understand the role that DEI plays in medical education content
  • Recognize the value of DEI in medical education curricula
  • Appreciate a systematic approach to evaluate medical education content through a DEI lens 
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Increase awareness of a systematic approach to auditing content for DEI

Health care works when we have more adept, socially responsible, and empathic professionals comfortable working with patients of all backgrounds. A key promise is to normalize diversity of beliefs, preferences, and appearances. We must address not only excellence in training but also the biases in medicine that are contributing to the spectrum of health outcome disparities seen today.

One challenge in accomplishing this objective is the lack of a widely accepted tool to audit existing and new education content with a health equity lens. Each school is either evaluating their content differently from each other or does not know where to begin the evaluation process.

Institutional Success Team

Leading this session is Danelle Guillory, Director of DEI, and Rebecca Blanchard, Director of Faculty Development, both of whom are members of our Institutional Success team. They contribute subject matter expertise around curriculum design, faculty and student assessment, and help solve institutional challenges around administration and accreditation. Made up of peer educators, our Institutional Success team works directly with administration and faculty at our institutional partners with a focus on instructional design and implementation of best practices for hybrid learning.

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