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Teaching a Clinical Curriculum with OnlineMedEd

Steve DeMeo and Michele Toussaint, leaders of the OnlineMedEd Institutional Success Team, review how a learner-centered, asynchronous medical teaching resource enables learning and reinforcement of critical foundations in the clinical years.  

Our Speakers


Steve DeMeo, DO, MEd

Director of Medical Education, OnlineMedEd


Michele Toussaint, EdD, MS, PA-C, AACC 

PA Director, OnlineMedEd

Learning Objectives

  • Discover how OnlineMedEd complements faculty experience to expand the clinical curriculum
  • Identify ways that OnlineMedEd can support your remediation program
  • Learn how your institution can implement OnlineMedEd for clinical learners
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Teaching Clinical Curriculum with OnlineMedEd

In part two of our series, "Teaching with OnlineMedED," Steve and Michele will demonstrate how your students, faculty, and institutions can benefit from a more comprehensive curriculum, including more efficient delivery and learning of key concepts. They'll also discuss how you can incorporate OnlineMedEd materials into the clinical phase of your medical school curriculum. 

Please join us for this free webinar to learn how our powerful tools can help you enrich your classroom and clinical environments by enhancing faculty expertise and knowledge to deepen student learning. Let’s achieve more, together.   

If you are interested in our preclinical education content, view our webinar:

Teaching Preclinical Curriculum with OnlineMedEd

Join us to learn how you can incorporate OnlineMedEd materials into your preclinical medical school curriculum. They'll show you how students, faculty, and institutions can benefit from a more comprehensive curriculum, and you'll discover how to create a richer educational experience in and out of the classroom.

The Institutional Success Team

Members of OnlineMedEd's Institutional Success Team contribute subject matter expertise to curricular design, instructional practices, and learning outcomes, and help solve institutional challenges around administration and accreditation. Made up of peer educators, the team works directly with administration and faculty at our institutional partners, focusing on instructional design and implementation of best practices for hybrid learning.

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About OnlineMedEd

OnlineMedEd elevates healthcare education to create better providers—not just better test-takers. Our PACE educational paradigm enables institutions to complement in-person education and impart medical knowledge across multiple modalities, all via a single unified voice. Instructors can deliver a powerful hybrid education that eliminates the friction and waste in the current model by aligning the needs of the institutions and the students.