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A Time for Change

A message from OnlineMedEd CEO Doug Hughes

To medical students and the educators who guide them:

On the surface, med students are seen as having it all: the pursuit of a noble calling, a clear path to an elite career, and the promise of financial reward as the holder of one of our most esteemed titles: Doctor.

Yet, this completely glosses over their stark reality.

Beneath the surface, it's a relentless grind towards a dream that always seems just out of reach. Days are jam-packed, with every moment accounted for, including those 15-minute breaks for basic needs and a bit of self-care.

And then, there's the money. Burdensome loans, expensive tuition, and a constant drip, drip, drip of expenses. Oh, and hundreds of dollars a month for a question bank to practice for high stakes licensure exams. Seriously? For a bank of questions? Come on, now.

Medical students: We see you. And we’re not just concerned; we’re doing something to help.

Changing how things work starts with changing who things work for. In the coming weeks, we are taking unprecedented steps to help those who are sacrificing now so that they may one day care for us.

At OnlineMedEd, we are crafting a future where:

  • Medical students are no longer treated like profit centers and all are provided with world-class resources…at affordable prices, without having to buy multiple subscriptions. 

  • Med school faculty are empowered with state-of-the-art resources and the support structure they need in order to deliver on the full promise of this new era of student-centric education.

  • Med school leaders find in OnlineMedEd a dedicated ally, aiming to strike a delicate balance between academic excellence and a nurturing, sustainable educational climate.

As a first-generation college graduate, I’ve felt the life-changing impact of education. That’s precisely why I’ve dedicated my career to the mission of making education more equitable and accessible for all. Seeing the struggles among medical students only strengthens my resolve to continue the fight.

Not only must we innovate, we must create an environment where academic progress, financial stability, and mental well-being coexist. Now is a time for change—for every aspiring and current healthcare provider, for our educational institutions, and for the future of healthcare across the globe.

Change is coming.

With hope and determination,

Doug Hughes
CEO, OnlineMedEd

Various environmental, cultural, and technological factors are propelling change in medical education today. In my role as CEO of OnlineMedEd, I have been engaging with students, faculty, and administrators to gain a deeper understanding of the current landscape of medical education and the obstacles and opportunities that lie ahead.

I share my insights in this concise video and welcome your direct input. I urge you to schedule a meeting on my calendar to discuss your thoughts with me personally, so that together we can implement the necessary improvements to progress forward.

OnlineMedEd CEO

Doug Hughes

"You're going to see a world in which there is no false choice between prepping and learning and mastering content. It's all one."

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