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Achieve More, Together in Medical Education

We provide a foundation upon
which you can build

OnlineMedEd offers a longitudinal and integrated curriculum, backed by educational theory and supported by a team of medical educators and clinicians. We scale your faculty resources and time by delivering the fundamentals in an engaging, asynchronous environment. Your faculty reallocate their time from delivering basic content to becoming the true expert educators they aspire to be.

Peer Support, Educational Partners

Our Institutional Success Team is here to make integration of our learning platform real for faculty and institutions. With expertise in active learning, curriculum design, faculty development, instructional design, and medical education research, our team is here to help you and your faculty achieve your goals and to help your students succeed.

Mastery over Memorization

Our PACE Learning Pedagogy is a comprehensive and self-paced learning experience that provides the essential foundational knowledge necessary for optimal understanding and retention. By accelerating the time to mastery, our approach enables students to efficiently acquire the core knowledge they need to excel in their field. Our student-centered approach also helps to close any gaps in understanding that may have been missed during experiential learning.

Foundational, Intuitive Learning

OnlineMedEd provides a complementary, longitudinal, and integrated curriculum that enables learners to master core concepts and develop practical applied skills asynchronously so that faculty can apply their focus to valuable experiential learning in person. 

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Balance Professional Workload

Faculty are challenged to do far more than teach. Time devoted to research, publication, and patient care often puts pressure on the already scarce resources allocated to preparing curriculum and delivering instruction. With resources from OnlineMedEd to lighten the load, faculty can focus on developing students’ applied skills and engaging case-based teaching.

Our Institutional Partners

"Medical education has changed, and we have to change with it. OnlineMedEd gives us the tools to allow our faculty to make that change."


Nancy Hayes, PhD

Associate Professor, Director of Clinical Foundations
Florida State University


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