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Rock your Residency with our Residency Bundle

Equip yourself with Intern Bootcamp, Case X and the Intern Guide and show up prepared on Day 1.
A collage of Intern Bootcamp, Case X, and the Intern Guide book

Intern Bootcamp

  • Communication skills
  • Handling interpersonal conflict
  • Time management
  • EMR tips
  • Self care

Case X

  • Real life cases
  • 100 cases ranging in key specialties
  • Mitigate skills decline

Intern Guide Book

  • Leadership tips
  • Notes to be a better doctor
  • Pocket-sized for your white coat
  • Be prepared on Day 1

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Our Residency Bundle prepares learners in their final year of clinical education (4th year medical student, 2nd year PA student) for their transition to residency or for newly graduated students looking to get ahead during their training or their first clinical position. See what people say about Intern Bootcamp, Case X and our Intern Guide.

Intern Bootcamp for Rising Interns

Orientation is not onboarding! Intern Bootcamp teaches efficient strategies for time management, effective documentation, and other practices to enhance patient safety and prepare residents for lifelong success. From dealing with hospital hierarchy to getting along with team members, Intern Bootcamp has what learners need to thrive in their first year of residency. Intern Bootcamp will help you start your residency prepared.

Case X

Real patients with real health issues rarely present as described in a textbook. For aspiring clinicians, acquiring experiential knowledge is critical to moving into successful practice. Enter Case X from OnlineMedEd. Case X is a case-based experience that offers authentic learning in a safe environment. These are real clinical cases, so learners consider what could be and what should be before finding out what actually happened in real life because real life is not multiple choice.

The Intern Guide

It turns out each years’ intern class faces similar challenges. Most interns use their intern year to figure them out. But wouldn’t it be better if someone figured it out, then wrote the answers down for the next generation? The Intern Guide is just that. Learners can adopt patterns of advanced residents, before residency. It’s wisdom in your white coat pocket on the go.

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