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Partner with your students to help them improve their performance on DAY 1 of medical school with OnlineMedEd

Provide your students access to OnlineMedEd's powerful learning tools with a discount of at least 20% off as an exclusive back-to-school promotion for your institution. 


  • Schedule a brief discussion with a member of the OnlineMedEd team to receive a special 20% off promotion code exclusively for your institution. 
  • Receive support to increase student awareness about OnlineMedEd and this exclusive offer.
  • Co-host a virtual orientation with us to introduce your students to OnlineMedEd and receive an additional 5% off, totaling 25% off!

Don't let your students miss out on this incredible opportunity! Book a meeting with us now!

OnlineMedEd is the roadmap for success for today's medical Students

Learn faster, retain more, and perform on exams

We understand your dedication to providing exceptional healthcare education to the students you serve. At OnlineMedEd, we share that commitment and have developed a curriculum that goes above and beyond traditional resources like a QBank or a library. Our unique learning model, PACE, combines integrated note sets, engaging whiteboard video lessons, challenging multiple-choice questions, and memory tools that enhance retention. With OnlineMedEd, learners can progress further, faster, and with less effort. Our comprehensive platform not only helps students excel in exams, but also prepares them to become exceptional practitioners with over 500 in-depth lessons.

OnlineMedEd content overview

How Nicolet Finger, DO Uses OnlineMedEd

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How to engage your students

  • Schedule a virtual orientation for students
  • Post information about this opportunity in the LMS
  • Share details through social media channels
  • Engage student leaders about the promotion
  • Direct interested students to unique website

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