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Microbiology 1: Bacteria

Subjects Microbiology
Lessons Bacterial Structure and Intro To Bacteria
Bacterial Genetics
Bacterial Toxins
Laboratory Diagnosis of Organisms
Bacterial Taxonomy at OnlineMedEd
Gram-Positive Cocci
Gram-Negative Cocci
Gram-Negative Rods That Can Cause Serious Disease
Gram-Negative Rods That Cause Diarrhea
Gram-Negative Rods Transmitted by Animals
Gram-Negative Rods That Are Spirochetes
Gram-Negative Rods That Are Intracellular Pathogens
Gram-Positive Rods
This course explores taxonomy, structure, life cycle, transmission, and clinical picture of gram-positive and -negative cocci, rods, and mycobacteria. It also contains specific lessons on zoonotic bacteria, spirochetes, and intracellular pathogens.

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