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OnlineMedEd’s Scholarship for Future Black Physicians Returns

By OnlineMedEd May 18, 2022

In 2020, OnlineMedEd launched its Scholarship for Future Black Physicians.

Worth $12,000, the scholarship is a signifier of our belief in—and continued support of—education in the health sciences for the Black community. 

Chris McNeil—a then fourth-year student at Oklahoma State University (OSU) Center for Health Sciences in Tulsa—was our first recipient. He is now an emergency medicine resident at Tulsa’s OSU Medical Center.

In 2022—in hopes of once again helping lessen the financial burden felt by many Black students embarking on a career in medicine—we continue our scholarship commitment again.

Graduating more Black doctors and healthcare professionals is a crucial step in closing the long-standing health disparity gap between Black communities and their White counterparts. 

From incoming first-year students to current students with at least one year left in their studies, the Scholarship for Future Black Physicians is available to any Black American medical student studying in the United States or Caribbean.

As part of our application process, we want to hear from Black medical students about why they wish to be physicians, what must be done to address racial disparities in American healthcare, and the role companies like OnlineMedEd should play in addressing these disparities.

We’ll learn this through a series of written answers we’ll pose as well as a video where we get to hear directly from those who apply. McNeil turned our heads in 2020 with a memorable video direct from Tulsa’s ‘Black Wall Street,’ the site of the notorious 1921 race massacre

Applications close on Juneteenth (June 19). The winner will be announced later this year. As with McNeil, we’ll check back in with our scholarship recipient to see how their medical journey is proceeding, either via The Rotation or video.

OnlineMedEd’s commitment to better representation in healthcare goes beyond this scholarship. Last year saw the company define its organizational impact goals, with a specific focus on the biases in medicine that contribute to the health outcome disparities seen today. Keep an eye out for further steps forward in this area, soon.

Good luck. We can’t wait to hear from you and support you in your journey.


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