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Announcing the New ClubMedEd!

By OnlineMedEd April 9, 2024



We know the struggle is real. From the seemingly endless study sessions to the grind of clinical rotations, the road to becoming a healthcare professional is anything but smooth. And let's not even talk about the eye-watering costs of your education and study materials. But help is on the way! We've got some seriously exciting news to share!

OnlineMedEd has just launched ClubMedEd, a game-changing suite of free resources designed specifically to help you ace your Step 2 exams and crush clinical rotations. Yep, you read that right—FREE resources designed to help to get you through those tough times without breaking the bank.

"We ask a lot of medical students—battling through tough courses, facing intense competitive pressure, and shouldering extraordinary financial burdens—so we should listen when they ask something of us," said Doug Hughes, CEO of OnlineMedEd. "That’s why we’re stepping up by providing critical resources to assist them in their journey without nickel-and-diming them for every little thing. Something has to give. We are committed to this cause, and this is just the start.


So, what's in it for you? Let's break it down:

Step 2 Test Prep: Build confidence and test taking skills with our high-yield NBME-style questions. We've got your back when it comes to mastering clinical reasoning.

Integrated Learning and Assessment: Dive deep into every question with detailed answer explanations tied directly to select video lessons *. You’ll quickly learn exactly what you need to know.

Mindfulness Sessions: Take a breather and de-stress with our evidence-based resources for focusing and resilience building. Because your mental health matters!

Student Success Modules: Get the inside scoop on effective learning strategies with modules on "Learning How to Learn in Med School" and "Methods for Success."

Peer Connection and Support: Join our community of fellow med students for some much-needed camaraderie, shared insights, and collective progress.


Listen to what your peers are saying. “My experience with the question bank was amazing. I really, really loved how my results were presented. Being able to know how well I did and how much extra effort I need to put in per subject and discipline was a huge benefit to me,” said Joy Igbinosa, a medical student at Texila American University


And, we are not done yet! Stay tuned for future announcements as we strive to support medical students at all stages of their journey.


* Note: Access to the full library of OnlineMedEd’s videos, lessons, and learning content requires a subscription.



Want to learn more about ClubMedEd?

Head over to https://www.onlinemeded.com/clubmeded to snag your free access to the clinical Qbank and other awesome resources.


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